The guaranteed
solution to all
lining applications

FURANFLEX has been developed and used successfully for over 10 years in more than 27 countries.

It is based on a glass fibre reinforced thermosetting resin, which is as strong as steel, when set, but has much better corrosion resistance and is heat resistant to more than 450 °C.
It is only 3 mm thick, has no joints and carries a 25 year guarantee.

Over 2,000,000 metres of lining installed

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Tested to over
1000 ° C
Ventilation 3/2

Kitchen Extractor ducts

FuranFlex is a Class 1 Chimney Lining, making it ideal for kitchen extractors, providing a smooth easily cleaned duct and access is only required at the ends. Kitchen extractor ducts up to 1000mm diameter and over 50m in length have been installed swiftly to ensure the kitchens do not have to close.

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