Fire and heat resistant wood core panel
New solution for the heat and fire resistance

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KomPanel family

The kompanels are high strength sandwich panels. The core of these panels are made of wood. The three part of the Kompanel family -Kompanel Decor, Kompanel Board, kompanel Wag- are different in structure, but each of them has good mechanical properties, excellent heat and high level of corrosion resistance. These materials resist acids and lyes and their water impregnation is less than 0,2 %. These properties are given by the glass or carbon fiber reinforced heat resistant composite layers, called Icopreg, that are pressed on the wood.


  • Non-flammable
  • Resists flame at 1000°C for 10 minutes
  • Low level flu gas emission


The Icopreg doesn't contain any toxic materials. In addition, it hinder the bakteriums, and any other kinds of parasites on the surfaces.


  • Decor
  • Board
  • Wag

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