Large industrial chimneys of brick, concrete or steel also fall victim to corrosion, irrespective of whether their boiler system is natural or forced draft. The temperature of the flue gas in these chimneys is usually under 160 °C, but may go up to 240 °C for short periods. Industrial chimneys have the following dimensions: diameter 900-6000 mm, height: 30-120 m. These cannot be lined or rebuilt using Furanflex® technology.

KOMPOZITOR Kft. has developed a new technology and material with which independent, self-supporting composite material chimneys can be constructed with diameters of between 1000-3000 mm. The advantage of a composite chimney is excellent resistance to corrosion. The manufacturer gives a 30-year guarantee with its Polykamin brand-named composite industrial chimneys.

In all cases industrial chimneys demand individual planning as their construction is complex. Due to this these chimneys are designed, manufactured and installed by KOMPOZITOR Ltd.

Case Studies

KOMPOZITOR Ltd. installed such a chimney in Hungary in 2005 at the ONYX hazardous waste incineration plant and in 2008 for BÉM Zrt's Ore, Mineral and Waste Utilisation Plant.

The background of the POLYKAMIN ONYX chimney >

The background of the POLYKAMIN BÉM Zrt. chimney >

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