The background of the Polykamin BÉM Zrt. chimney

The plant operates a steel chimney, its height is 60 m and diameter 6.5 m. Flue gas originating from metallurgical processes (110 °C) is emitted from the chimney at a very low speed. For environmental protection reasons it became necessary to increase the speed and height of emission. The plant wished to solve the issue using POLYKAMIN technology in the following way:

A truncated cone was fitted to the upper edge of the existing chimney: A vertical tube was fitted to this truncated cone:
Lower diameter: 6.5 m Diameter: 2.5 m
Upper diameter: 2.5 m Length: 18 m
Height: 4 m Mas:s 8 tons
Material: Resin composite Material: Resin composite
Mass: 5 tons

New emission height of flue gas 60+4+18= 84 m
Flue gas speed increase 6.8-times

The construction of the POLYKAMIN chimney in Sajókeresztúr can be seen in the FILMS menu.

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